Friday, October 14, 2011

Other People's Trying Times

Here was the perfect post from Canadian friends on a cat which gives a sense of how cruising changes your attitude towards sailing and type A behaviour.  This livewire couple are headed from Culahtra toSeville:

Hi Bob

Well, we aimed to leave out the east end of Culahtra first thing in the morning on an ebbing tide. We almost made it, but then decided to take a nice coffee break on a private little sandy island. Well, it became an island about half an hour after we beached on it. And then we were joined by a couple of tourist boats who also wanted a day trip to a deserted island.

So by the time we got going again it was a bit later in the day. We headed for Ayamonte. Then we read about the tides in the morning and decided that would be a pain if we were to get going early. So then we headed for Tavira, but came to the same conclusion about that. So then we did a trial anchor just outside Tavira and concluded it was fine. And the wind had picked up with a nice sea breeze, so we decided we would sail another three hours down the coast and anchor off the beach outside of the Guardiana river.

Then tomorrow we will head for Bonanza and see if we make it before dark....

Man do I love anyone, even in a cat, who would try to leave Culahtra via the eastern gap.  And on a falling tide!!!  Fantastic.

And look at all the friends you made.

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