Sunday, June 3, 2012

Go Away - No Room For You

2012 06 03
Anchored behind Quarantine Island, Mahon, Baleares, Espana

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Meredith is peacefully anchored at the mouth of the inlet into Mahon on the south east coast of island Menorca.  Intending on spending some time in Mahon we were disappointed to discover all anchoring in the mile and a half long protected inlet has been banned.


You will understand the magnitude of our disappointment when you read Admiral Nelson's assessment that "There are only three good anchorages in the Mediterranean: Mayon, July and August."

Leaving the muy tranquill Cap Formentor on the island of Mallorca we learned of the unfortunate mess in Mahon and decided to divert from Mahon. and go instead to to Ciutadella instead.

That was a good plan until we arrived.  On arrival it was to an uninterrupted line of bays and coves which had been roped off and buoyed to prohibit entry.  Even the remotest possibility of finding a suitable anchorage anywhere within fifteen miles of Ciutadella  has been eliminated by hotels and by local home owners.

Very uncool.

With stronger than forecast southeast winds we sailed another seven hours before we found a cove that would accept us and that offered protection..  There were no houses or hotel built on that cove.

Next day, on the strength of an email assurance from Branco on H2OBO, we continued to Mahon where we found a decent anchorage and very nice fellow boaters.  The anchorage is not in the enormous pprotected inlet that leads from the Mediterranean to Mahon.  All anchoring in that two mile long mile wide inlet is banned.

This made sense when we learned of the number of British expats who have taken up residence here.

Menorca has been taken over by grumpy old English expats as own Benidorm.  The same behaviour we found in Benidorm has taken root here.

"I got mine.  Screw you."

 And with that they close the anchorages so they can enjoy enforcing their exclusive property rights.

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