Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Schengen Rules force a month's stay in Hammamet

2012 06 19
Hammamet, Tunisia

Meredith Moored in Hammamet - Steps from the Cafes
Adding up our passport visas Connie and I calculate that we cannot legally reenter the Schengen zone for another month.  Schengen Visa rules make it difficult to almost impossible for sailors to cruise the Mediterranean and stay legal  on the residency requirements.

This situation is the result of the much vilified Schengen visa rules that limit the stays of most non EU citizens on Schengen zone soil to only 90 days in every 180 days.   For sailors wishing to visit the Mediterranean on their yachts it is almost impossible to honour these rules.  Since landing in Azores we have travelled over 2000 miles as the crow flies and we have another 1500 to go.  If we were crows.  

Certainly sailors can put into non Schengen ports: Gibraltar, Morocco and Tunisia but this opens up a whole other world of difficulties.

Liking Hammamet we have decided to stay here in Tunisia until our Schengen clock is restarted and we are allowed to return.

Increasingly I ask myself whether it is worth it.

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