Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Price of Cruising

2012 06 19
Hammamet, Tunisia

Our daughter Lindsay, firstborn, entered the world on this date several years ago.  Today we have relived the events of that momentous day in our lives, one of the four most important.  She is not here and while she is fully grown and has her own life I want nothing so much as to be with her even for a few minutes. 

Our younger daughter has just sent a song that reminds her of her parents and the poignancy of the James Taylor lyrics and his perfect minimalist accompaniment brings me close to tears.  

Son Jake is readying himself to challenge an exam in advanced algebra in two days.  This is a course of study he avoided as a youth but has come to embrace as both useful and interesting.  It is a critical time in his life.

Maudlin perhaps and fuelled no doubt by the fading genetic memory of parental responsibility but somedays cruising is just not what a person wants to do.

Sometimes you miss your family.

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