Sunday, June 3, 2012

They Have Turned to Cannabalism

Mahon, Menorca, Baleares, Espana
2012 06 03g

It is not the blog I will give up, it's the Google.

In its ongoing effort to max out its income Google has "improved" its blogging site.  It has finally figured out how to render all of the browsers I use incompatible.  Their efforts are intended to make me use google Chrome browser.  Of course the fact Google does not write a browser for my blackberry or my playbook goes unnoticed.

Right now Apple sues Motorola and Motorola sues back.  Microsoft sues Motorola and Google is being sued by and suing everyone.  The dragons have consumed the entire marketplace and now must consume themselves.

Kudos to Sanjay Ahorafor his cool new search engine MILLION SHORT which allows users to lop off the first million hits on a web search or the first thousand hits or whatever.  This allows a user to avoid all those commercial sites that the corrupt google and chrome and safari stick in front of you on any search.

The blog may have to continue on a different site is all.  Google has no use for me.

Nor I for it.

It did not used to be so and once I held the originators of google in high regard.  Methinks the board of directors has pushed the profit button too often. I will show google the same loyalty they have shown me.  Adios.

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