Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Corrections: No Backing Up for Brits Either, or Belgium, or...

A correction to the last post.  

The electrons had not yet settled into stable orbits after I hit the "send" button on blogger last night than I was being corrected.   Last post I wrongly ascribed backing up boats to a general European predilection.  I should have clarified that it is a Mediterranean Mooring system hence the name "Med Moor".  

For the record the British do not use Med Mooring and do not favour going backwards in their boats.  Nor I hasten (after being duly chastened) do the Belgians.  Nor my lastest email informs me the Dutch.  

Guys I give.  Mia Culpa.  

And as for Wade who thinks I should be schlepping the anchor and rode and the Budget Committee manning the wheel I can only say this:

1. speak to the BC.  I have tried.  If you can get the BC to willingly take the wheel good on you. 
2.they call it "manning the wheel" for a reason (see how much fun this stuff is),
3. the BC LOWERED THE fortress anchor.  I lugged it back to the stern (how else would I know it was heavy).  I will pull it up on our exit.  

But it sure was fun writing this stuff.

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