Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How To Vacation in Greece: Erin and Christian Visit

2012 08 26
Palau Fokaia, Greece

Getting the Hang of It
Erin and Christian on a Caique near Naoussa
Erin, our daughter an officer in the navy, and Christian, the navy bum (and officer) who dates our daughter, visited the boat recently.

On arrival the strain of their duties was evident. It looked like we had our work cut out for us.  Fortunately we had Greece along to help out with the relaxation therapy.

The two flew to Athens and ferried from Athens to Mykonos where we were anchored off Ormos Ornos waiting their arrival.

No sooner was the anchor weighed than Christian's naval instincts took hold.  We found him to be very useful on the foredeck  where he hauled anchor by hand and looked as if he enjoyed it.  

Once underway the helm was his and, being a former national sailing champion, he knew what he was doing.  I sat back and learned.

Meantime Erin and Connie caught up on months worth of reconnecting.

First day we sailed to Naoussa, a nice  vacation town on the island of Paros.
With the hook down we too got down to some serious relaxing.  

Swim Ladder Neatly Tied Up on Deck
Christian Nicely in the Water - Five Feet Down.
One rule on the boat was that "You do not Go Swimming Unless You have Made Sure the Swim Ladder is Lowered".  This rule is just common sense but of course, being navy, Christian had to test the boundaries by changing the tactical order.  First he went swimming

Good looking guy in great shape.
But such a Hambone.
and then he lowered the swim ladder.  Everything got done it's just, well...

One Day Erin took us all to lunch.  First we had to choose our "fresh" fish.  I chose the one that was not still moving.

The meal was the best we have had since arriving in Greece.

You Can't Say Greece Without Smiling - our hostess

Dessert at the Creperie just down the little alley,
turn left at the third  pathway
Of course we had to finish off with dessert.  

Our job was done and next day they grabbed the ferry from Paros to Thira, also known as Santorini where they begain their adventures with Costas the Crooked Innkeeper.  We figured Greece won them over.

With every visit there is the moment of farewell.

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