Saturday, July 27, 2013

So Long and Thanks for All the Rocks

 42 41.4N
016 47.4E

Three hours out of Tri Lukes bay on West end of Korcula island.  Heading for Brindisi on the heel of the boot of Italy.  No wind of course.  No wind all day from the forecast.  This will be an expensive trip.  

Our anchorage last night was the usual rock table.  Nine out of ten anchorages in Croatia have provided no holding whatsoever.  You get your anchor fouled in some weeds growing on a flat rock table and hope it holds.  Usually it does.  Sailors do not sleep soundly in Croatia.

Brindisi has our new fridge waiting for us and I am anxious to get it installed. We are weary of warm white wine, hot beer and cheese shaped like the bowl we have to keep the cheese in because otherwise it melts and runs all over what used to be our fridge but now, of course, is just a hotbox.

Finally some meat will be on the menu.  Frozen meat and canned meat does not exist in Europe, not at least in the Mediterranean.  If you have no fridge you have no fresh meat.  Just salted and smoked and Sulfited stuff.  Better than nothing let me tell you.

This trip is an overnighter, 146 nautical miles, and we hope to be in before noon tomorrow.  

Our main is up but there is no wind.  Had we waited until Tuesday there is forecast to be 35 and 40 knots of wind.  Having sailed in that on our way from Italy to Albania we will give it a pass this time around.

Nothing bittersweet about our departure from Croatia.  Just goodbye, won't see you around.

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