Saturday, July 27, 2013

Underway from Split to Kurcula

2013 07 27
Underway from Split to Korcula

View from the Starboard Bow This Instant
44 14.7N 016 15.2E
We are making our way to the island of Korcula, just south of the tourist trap city and island of Hvar.  From Korcula we will stage to Brindisi some 160 nm to the south.

For reasons I will explain in future blog we are not really sad to leave Croatia.  It was ok but certainly not great.  Beautiful but not stunning scenery littered with rude, grasping, thieving, brutish people. Our disappointment with Croatia is primarily with its people.

It has been good to experience Croatia but even if we were closer geographically we would never return.  Certainly we do not recommend it, not that that should or will prevent anyone from tasting it for themselves.  Our good friends Yoshi & Fumi on the Japanese boat Foxglove, isolated from interaction with Croatians by a wide language barrier love the place.

Credit card captains on two week charter vacation love it.

We did not.

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