Sunday, July 7, 2013

What Do You Do on a Sailboat on a Sunny Croatia Day? The Laundry of Course.

2013 07 07 
Lumbarda Marina, Lumbarda, Korcula, Croatia

It has been about three weeks since we have had access to water and electricity.  This means  no laundry done in that period.  It also means we were down to just about the last of the hundred gallons in our forward tank so it was time to replenish.  We like to keep the fifty gallon midship tank in reserve.

This wondermachine cost only €35 in Morocco and
does 5 lbs of laundry at one go
All the sailing women are fascinated with
and envious of Connie's washing machine
Getting water and doing laundry around here means taking a slip in a marina.  In Croatia this is a very expensive proposition usually costing in the range of €100 per night.  Not something we invest in lightly.  

We were overjoyed to find a marina in our neighbourhood, the island of Korcula, which cost only €50.  Immediately we sought a slip and here we are.  

Tactics were the usual: anchor off the marina the night before and then go in early so you gain benefit of the entire day of marina living: in this case 220 volt electric and fresh water.
The Machine Washes but not Dries -
Wringing Out and Hanging is Manual Labour

Connie got out her trusty washing machine, a delightful hardworking machine purchased in Morocco last year for only €35.  Here is my wife hard at the laundry.

While she does this I complete boat maintenance and if I finish early I trudge into town with the grocery list and make sure we have enough stuff to sustain us for the next week or two.

Croatia groceries are quite expensive compared to any country we have visited in the Med.  Quality is good however.  We hope the pricing issue is because we are in a touristic area and that when we get somewhere less so that prices will come down.  Problem with that is: we cannot find anywhere on the coast that is less touristic.

With labour done we would normally spend what was left of the afternoon in a cafe.  Due to the high cost in Croatia even cafe living is off the schedule.  If the fridge were working we could enjoy a cold beer.  Oh, well.  

Gotta love that easy cruising life.

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