Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Day in the Sailing Capital of the World

Way at the back of Back Creek, in a watery little cul de sac is where you find Meredith:

Only 500 yards away you find this, the regular season docking in the Creek.

The boat show crowd has not shown up this year and the shopkeepers are growing concerned. There is even a rumour, not capable of being confirmed in my experience, that the local Marriott Hotel still has rooms. The rumour is not true but shows the depth of local concern.

The way things work here in Annapolis is kind of cool. Every street that ends at the water has a public dinghy dock built for the use of all boaters. You just dinghy into town, tie up at any convenient street and walk. The town is beautiful.

Finally a word about the people in this incredible city. I really want you to meet Sharon Carter.

Sharon is a meter maid working for Anne Arundel County. She saw Connie and me feeling our way around the back streets trying to find the street that ended in our dinghy dock. We were obviously lost.

Seeing our plight Sharon drove around the Block and came to our aid. We agreed we were as lost as she thought we might be and asked directions to St. Marys Street. With a bit of a doubtful look Sharon gave us easy directions which we proceeded to follow.

About six blocks along we came across Market Street which we recognized was the street we actually wanted. Did I mention we were lost? We turned down Market Street and in 3 minutes Sharon shows up to correct our error. She must have thought we were the dumbest Canadians in the harbour. Who knows? Maybe....

What a wonderful woman to follow two lost visitors to her City to ensure they got home alright.

Thanks a bunch Sharon. You are quite a woman.

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