Friday, October 10, 2008

Boat Show, More on Transmissions

Well, today was our first day at the Annapolis Boat Show.

Not a ho hum affair but I would not have driven all the way to Annapolis just for this. Mind you, being here it is a darn nice diversion and money sink.


1. Weems and Plath, the navigation equipment people, have their HQ and warehouse here and are having a Tent Sale. We have a lovely 7 1/2 inch barometer acquired for only $42.

2. Veuve Clicquot is only $36 a bottle.

3. Everything you could want to buy for your boat is here. Often with two vendors.

4. 1.75 liters of Mount Gay Barbados Rum is $24. Not kidding about this. $24.

5. A lot of boats to look at but we have not done so yet.

Items 2 & 4 are not boat show related, but they were highlights.

What have we bought in addition to the barometer:

1. Balmar Alternator, list $650, price $411.
2. Soda Club pop maker. This nifty device frees us from having to lug cases and cases of carbonated beverages to the boat.
3. Northstar AP380 autopilot electronics to drive our poor old Octopus hydraulic ram.
4. Three LED bulbs to replace the most commonly used fixtures on Meredith with low power lighting. These are from Sailor Solutions and they are tremendous.
5. Miscellaneous stuff from Boater's World.
6. Shoes and then some. Bob got a pair of Speedo Deck Shoes so new they will not be available for purchase by the general public until 2009. At a discount of course.
7. Single braid dock lines.

As for the transmission I fear Dave has let me down. He promised to have our little Hurth HBW150 rebuilt and ready for installation today. His shophand tells me at 5 p.m. that the tranny has not yet been opened.

I am going to have to "get medieval on his ass". He is at the boat show tomorrow where he will be surrounded. We had a nice chat at the boat show with his father today however.

That is it for now. Tomorrow is rest and relaxation. Sunday for visiting and Monday is the return to the show to view some boats. We cannot afford to eat downtown everyday during the boat show. All the restaurants have newly printed menus. Go figure.

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