Thursday, April 2, 2009

Navico Steps Up, Cobra Steps Up, Meredith Dances

No more consumer whining.

Autopilot Returning

Cutting it short the Manager of Customer Service from Navico called us today to tell us he had personally arranged overnight delivery of our replacement autopilot and he apologized for the delay.

We appreciated this thoughtful gesture and it causes us to reconsider our earlier remarks. It was an appropriate response from Navico. Maybe, sometimes things just go wrong.

We are excited about the return of our autopilot tomorrow because we kind of liked it.

Chartplotter Returning

The screen on our chartplotter, a Cobra MC600i purchased new at the 2008 Toronto boat show turned dark while we were returning to Nassau from Allens Cay with Lindsay and Nick. We returned this unit to Cobra with only a note explaining the details.

Cobra called us 2 days after we shipped the item to confirm the date of purchase and indicated repair would be effected in 10 days. We did not have proof of purchase on board Meredith and indicated we would pay for the repair if this was an issue.

Today we contacted Cobra to see how things were coming and they confirmed the repaired unit (backlight burned out) would be shipped today and we would have it early next week. This was a no charge warranty repair even though Bob admitted damaging the watertight seal trying to see if he could somehow replace the backlight himself.

Kudos to Cobra. We like our MC600i, in fact we really like it. All the tidal information at one touch, all the depths at one glance.

We still believe Defender went to bat for us with Navico and we appreciate this action. Friends Randy and Donna from Toronto bought their new water heater from Defender in part based on our glowing recommendation of this mail order supplier.

So all the electronics are or soon will be working again.

Virus is Departing

On the viral front we learned that a fellow boater from Vero was rushed to hospital by ambulance last week with respiratory failure resulting from the same virus which has plagued Meredith.

It turned out the victim was our old acquaintance Doug aboard Murex with whom we spent a pleasant time during our downbound visit to Vero Beach last January.

Doug is much improved now but will be heavily fortified by prescriptions for the next couple of weeks.

The crew of Meredith is slowly and steadily recovering from this truly horrid infection and we are beginning to look forward to helping Donna and Randy work on Killer B, the new to them Bertram 30.

Meredith is Departing

Finally we are looking forward to getting Meredith underway to somewhere. Anywhere in fact.

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