Sunday, April 12, 2009

Things seldom heard on land, Water Roaches, Humanitees

Let's start with a couple of nautical discussions/excerpts that you just won't hear on land:

No. 1:

"Connie, did you see that bag of bolts I need to secure the autopilot?"
"Yes. It's on the bread board right beside the Pennzoil."

No. 2:

Excerpt from an email from erstwhile friends Randy and Donna, who are readying their new to them Bertram 30 for a ride North to Toronto:

"We now have hot water, heat, AC, TV, Espresso, Frozen liquor, enough battery power to light up Vero Beach"

Randy left out the inverter and the induction stove (which is way kule) which we tried out tonight with a nice mahi mahi dinner prepared with no announcement by Donna. And an excellent dinner I might add.

I will talk about the water roaches and the humanitees tomorrow.

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