Friday, April 3, 2009

The Exiting Life Aboard Ship

If you have been glancing at the blog you will know we came to Vero Beach to sort out some legal issues and get some broken equipment replaced.

The law suit, we were the plaintiffs, is settled but the parts have not come in. Well, until today.

Today we received shipments from 2 of the 3 suppliers who owe us stuff. A couple of days installation and Meredith will be ready to go.

A third piece of equipment has allegedly been shipped and should be to us by Tuesday. After that Meredith flies. We are not sure which direction but we just want to get some wind in her sails. She wants it too.

Both Connie and I have been as sick as we have ever been. This has gone on for a couple of weeks and we have each been on the verge of going to a clinic or emergency room more than once. Total body fevers, swollen glands or lymph nodes, sore throat, cough and lungs full of congestion, general all round exhaustion. It has been a trial.

A boat can be pretty small sometimes.

Being at Vero Beach has been good for recuperation so we have not minded our incarceration as much as we might otherwise have.

We must be getting better because we started mixing it up with recalcitrant equipment manufacturers and now we are trying to blog.

It sure would be nice to have something to say.

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