Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crisfield MD - What a Watertown Should Be

Crisfield Harbour
from the Deck of Meredith at Anchor

Crisfield MD exists to serve its "watermen": the guys who daily go out on the Chesapeake to earn their living. A true fishing town it has no guile.

A very secondary purpose is providing a venue for Washington technocrats to play at being watermen.

Its harbour is easily entered and once inside you find a protected enclave large enough for a dozen boats without squeezing. Space is shared with the local marina and the Coast Guard Outpost.

The local marina has 450 slips but is only half full which is a shame.

Once anchor is dropped it is a 30 second dinghy ride to the marina where, for $10, you can tie up, go to town, use their unbelievable showers and their laundromat. Staff are the friendliest we have encountered anywhere and love to engage in challenging conversation.

A short walk from the marina takes you to Main Street and all the action Crisfield has to offer: Three or four working crab operations, marine supply and outfitting, a bevy of bars and restaurants and a well stocked grocery. And of course Big Willey's:

Notice the Mosquito Slurping Up the Beer

Meredith came here for an overnighter to avoid the effects of Hurricane Danny. Our current intentions are to remain for several days to do some needed sanding and painting of wood and some cleaning and sealing of hull and deck.

If you are sailing the Chesapeake and you are not all that enamoured with Tourist Land we strongly recommend you come over to the East shore of the Bay and visit Crisfield.

It is worth your time.

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