Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank You Sir: May I Have Another?

For good reason some readers have commented on the maintenance issues experienced aboard Meredith in the past 2 weeks.

Let us be perfectly clear: There is nowhere else we want to be.

Breakdowns go with sailing. We were caught offguard because we thought we had a solid regular maintenance program. Technical "issues" are always noted in our log.

Reviewing the list you will notice one glaring absence: No diesel issues. None. The Beta 43, a marinized Kubota diesel, has worked flawlessly and the mechanic appears to have done good work on the purely mechanical end of thing

Meredith was left in Beaufort for its repowering because that is where the transmission failed on our trip north last spring. The yard where the work was done was held in high regard by us and still is. It seemed a perfect time have matters attended to.

That may now be in doubt.

Four months sitting on the hard in a North Carolina summer was just more than any boat should be subjected to. We find ourselves regretting have done so.

Summer down here is brutal. Like London, Ontario it is hot and humid but it is 10 - 15 degrees hotter and humidity is over the top of any scale ever conceived in Ontario.

This week promises a break from the heat and a host of cleaning and waxing projects are on the board.

Our biggest trouble right now is boredom. Poor us. The Chesapeake is pretty dull resembling Lake Huron in many ways: big empty water. There are nice rivers to motor up for sure but we would not trade the North Channel for the Chesapeake.

Arrangements are in place for Annapolis Boat Show reunions with friends coming by car and by boat. This is becoming a major event on our cruising calendar.

Until Annapolis we will spend our time honing sailing skills. After the boat show we plan to do some distance sailing to further build skills and avoid the ICW on our journey south.

The boaters we have met here this past fortnight are all doing the same thing so we consider ourselves in good company.

So we are still living the right life. It is just that we are starting to make demands on it rather than being satisfied with what the life serves up.

In Crisfield MD waxing deck and hull.

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