Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Planning a Route

Some people have asked how we go about our destination planning aboard Meredith. This is germane as we have just changed our plans yet again and ditched a junket to Nantucket in favour of staying in the Chesapeake. Here is how the consensus meeting went:

He: We have a great 3 day window for the overnight sail to Block Island, dear. We should get ready to go.

She: Well, yes. But we only have 5 weeks until Annapolis you know.

He: Sure but 3 days north, 3 days back and 3 days for weather still leaves a lot of time. We have no problems.

She: Well.... what about Washington?

He: Well, what about Washington. If we go North we can see more of New York. Washington has nothing on New York. Besides it is just too darn hot in the Chesapeake.

She: I know. But all those Art Galleries and Expositions and Museums aren't in New York.

He: Museums! There's lots of dirty dusty old stuff right here in the boat to look at.

She: Yes. Speaking of which: Are you going to go swimming tonight?

He [losing momentum]: What?

She: And what about the monuments. I WOULD like to see the Washington monument.

He: Well, if it is monuments you want to see C'mon over here for a minute.

She: pfffft.

Meredith enters the Pottomoc River on Saturday.

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