Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fed Up to Here with All the Niceness

2010 08 25
Summerside, PEI

Weariness grows in the heart of me.  Travel blogs are tedious things and not just for the reader let me tell you.  How often can you write "My life is just fine and wonderful and everything is all candy and roses".  The urge to retch resides in the same neighbourhood as such vile banality.

Surrounded by nice people in Quebec, New Brunswick and PEI there is just no material for a decent rant about much.   What I crave is the society of the twisted, the unfit, the weird: someone interesting enough to write about.   Someone interesting enough to waste some time with.

Instead I see myself afloat in an ocean of suburban banality - conformal niceness a plague upon my house.

Since June there has been little word from our very favourite blogsites: Star of the Sea, Melodeon, Yara and Joana.

There is a paucity of communication worthy of the term.  I fear we suffer sclerosis of the brain, our neuronal pathways atrophied, their walls thick with oozing cholesterol.   Have we all succumbed to creeping lethargy?

Maybe Nova Scotia will do better.

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