Monday, August 23, 2010

The Log: Toronto to Kingston and Beyond

2010 08 23
Chandler, Gaspesie, QC

Leaving Toronto on August 4 we have not taken a day off save one marvelous day spent in Montreal.  On August 22 we rounded the Cap Gaspe and now find ourselves southbound.Here is how it went:

Toronto to Cobourg:

Boring from overuse.  Winds were following for most of the midday but died early in the afternoon.  We motored on and arrived in Cobourg late in the day.  At Cobourg we tied up on the public wall.  There are no services on the wall but the rates are good.  A strange little man approached as we were still tieing up to the wall.

Had we registered yet? he wondered.  I pointed to the line in my hand and the boat floating just off the wall figuring the situation was self expanatory.  He did not relent.  "This wall was full last night" he informed me.

"Seems free now" was my laconic response delivered in a tone that suggested it would be preferred if the guy just pissed off.  Naturally he did not take the hint.  There was a bee buzzing around somewhere in his belfy. The bats did not seem to have been doing their job.

I secured the stern line and went to ensure proper tension on the aft spring line.

"What do mean free?" he asked as he followed me down the pier.  "Don't you have to pay on this wall?"

I confirmed that we had never paid nor been asked to pay to stay a night on the wall. "But" he sputtered(literally, he was spitting as he spoke) "I was going to stay at the yacht club and use reciprocal privileges but had to take a slip.  This is a much better deal"

"Yup"  came my further reply I felt I was yielding to an unreasonable demand for politeness at doing even this.

"Well, you better register" persisted the little pest.

"We will.  But first we have to find a liquor store."  If it had been anywhere but Canada I would have said "Gun shop" but you know how it is.

Cobourg to Prynyer's Cove

A windless day greeted us on the morning of the 5th.  We delayed departure until 7 a.m. so we could take on diesel at the Cobourg Marina.  Luck had us first in line.  I waved to last night's pain in my butt as I walked into the office to pay for fuel and "register".

It is 84 nautical miles to Prynyer's Cove and it made for a long day.  No wind rose to meet us or propel us on our way.

Last night's bed bug came steaming at us hell for leather about 3 hours after we left.  He had his little Hunter pushing max revs as he blew by us.  Despite the unrelenting effort of the Budget Committee to engage the little man with a wave he studiously ignored us as he passed at 7.2 knots only metres off our beam.

As we exited the Murray Canal we discovered the reason for Little Man's hurry.  He had tied up to the concrete wall of the exit wall of the canal.  It was a free mooring.  We passed him at our stately 6 knots and observed that his poor Hunter was pitching and rolling with the wake of frequent Saturday morning water traffic.  Seemed a high price to pay for a free mooring to us.

Wind evaded us until we got to Long Reach.  We hate Long Reach.  It leads north from one of the most boring pieces of water on the planet, the Bay of Quinte, to Picton and it must be traversed to get to Kingston and beyond.  Always we find it full of wind opposing our progress and today was no different.  Cold bitter wind struck at us without relief for the entire 14 mile length of this unpleasant stretch.

Arrival at Prynyer's was late in the day, well after sunset.  We set the anchor amidst 30 or 40 boats in 35 feet of water facing 25 knot winds with a forecast of worse tomorrow.  Sleep came easily.

Prynyers to Brockville

It rained and stormed all day the next day so we sat tight, leaving boat only once, during a lull in the rain, to swim and freshen up.

Next morning we were off at dawn making our way through the Thousand Islands, fondly remembered by us.  A day of motoring it was to be.  River current found us and we were carried along at a nice clip.  Presence of current worried us as we did not wish to anchor in such a strong force if we could avoid it.  We found an anchorage behind Smith's Island just off the Brockville waterfront which assuaged our concerns.  Current was neutral behind the island and the holding was good.  Again we slept well.  (I am going to stop saying that because it is going to get pretty boring).

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