Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Invoice

August 4, 2010

Meredith sets sail on Friday after a 10 week layover in Toronto. 

While in Toronto we have spent little time on the boat not devoted to repair and refit.  Meredith has new rigging, new batteries, a new inverter, several rebedded portholes and some clean and varnished brightwork.  Many portholes and a lot of brightwork remain to be done.

The costs were impressive and the marina fees in Toronto not insubstantial, although refreshingly competitive, another sign of that city's continuing decline as a destination.  As we recap the costs of cruising we find ourselves unconcerned with the bill for refit.

Our main purpose in returning to Ontario this year was to spend time with our children and our goal was achieved in grand style.  Reunion was a smashing success.  It was heartwarming to realize our children genuinely enjoyed our return.

Come Friday we leave once again abandoning our family to the fray of daily life, they having demonstrated their capability and resourcefulness in this regard to our satisfaction. 

Parents who cruise tend not to talk much about their family left behind nor will I do so here other than to say on the cruising life's bill of costs absence of family is most dear. 

And now, before I turn all maudlin, I sign off.  Damn.  Too late.

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