Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Travelogue Moment

2011 07 20

Horta, Faial, Azores, Portugal

Lest anyone think we are  not enjoying ourselves almost beyond measure check it out:

1. Pico or Peako?

This volcanic island is surprisingly shy for something so proud.  Most days she is hidden behind clouded veil.  Last night she showed herself for a few hours.

Pico Peaking Out of a Cloud Seen from our Cockpit on the Wall at Horta - Tomorrow we may Climb the Beast
2. Daunting or Dante ing?

Flores is an island of views.  A great view however is only acquired with risk and effort; purchased with threat to life and limb.  

Here the Budget Committee takes the first step on a rock stairway leading 1600 metres down to the ocean.

You will notice there are no handrails.  Seems innocuous enough?

This second shot, below, was taken three steps later. There are still no handholds of any sort.

Getting this photo was the last step I took on this express elevator to Dante's First Level of Hell

Apparently university students hike along the sides of the mountains that make up this island.

Go figure.

3. The Flores of Flores

This time of year the fields and roadsides are jam packed with the most prolific display of blue and red flora.

Other than buttercup like things the flowers have one of two main constructions, both vibrant.

4 The North of Superior Problem

Anyone who has driven the TransCanada Highway across the top of Lake Superior will understand the overwhelming sense of ennui that develops in the face of endless beautiful vistas.  Flores is beauty foreign to my senses but beauty none the less.  It is easy to overdose.  Here are a couple more and then no more travelogue.  But why haven't the rest of you driven the Trans Canada?  Pansies.
Blurry but a great Caldera with Lake.  We gained altitude for another a thousand metres after this stop.
The blue seen through the valley is the ocean.  We are only halfway up this particular rise.

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