Friday, July 22, 2011

Meetiing Pete and Being Boarded by the French

2011 07 22


We have only been here six days but it feels like a month.  A very very good month.

Peter and Sharon pictured here  sail Meridian, British registered for good reason.

We met these two a couple of days out of Bermuda when they were calling on VHF 16 looking for a radio check.

Their transmission had seized, they were out of fuel, their batteries were dead save for the starting battery which was being kept  alive by a daily solar panel charge.  It was silent running for these two the whole way from Martinique to Horta.  NO radio, no lights, no electronics, nothing.  They refused our offer of fuel or to lend them our generator with that typical British stiffness.

Like that fellow in the Austin Powers movie who fell off the cliff yelling "No, that's all right.  Everything is fine.  Don't worry about me.  Seem to have broken my leg.  Bit of bother that's all."

Looking them up in Horta Pete and I drank a litre of brandy and Connie and Sharon a litre of wine.

They left this morning.  Their transmission is still stuck in forward.  As they say "it's only 1500 miles, Bob.  Piece of piss"

Fair winds guys.  We hope to be able to look you up when we get to Scotland.

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