Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crossing By the Numbers

2011 07 13

Days Underway: 23 days

Water Consumed: 100 gallons

Food Consumed: 35% of original stores between Norfolk and Flores.  (a separate blog will appear on provisioning)

Diesel consumed:    23 gallons
Gasoline consumed:  6 gallons

Equipment Damage:

  1. Ground Fault on entire electrical system - took 2 days to locate and replace faulty connector
  2. antenna failure on SSB - fought daily to keep the system working.  Seems fine now that I have replaced the coax from transmitter to tuner.
  3. End Stop on Staysail traveller failed and flew into ocean - rigged rope preventer tied to handrail, need machine shop to fabricate new part.
  4. exhaust hose failed at thru hull - temp fix by cutting out bad bit and reconnecting.  Replace when get to Europe
  5. Windvane has lost its rigidity and needs tightening.  Examining the exploded diagrams to determine what to tighten and how
  6. batten on main - flew into ocean and sank.  will replace in Horta
Most Impressive Event: Spying the Blue Whale 50 metres off the stern

Most Fun Event: The school of fish that adopted us as their leader and sailed with us drafting under our hull for 5 or 6 days. 

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