Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cost of Living: Shopping in the Azores

2011 07 21

Horta, Azores

We begin with the Ronald "Trust But Verify" Regan memorial offer of proof of the contents hereof.  Valid for residents of Missouri and other locations where the citizenry is less than likely to be totally honest.  (How do you suppose Missourians became so suspicious?  Not because they all told the truth now was it, Joe?)

English discussion is below the offer of proof.


The rate sheet for our marina with full electric and water calls for a price of $13 a day plus 20% tax make it $16 Canadian.


The daily espresso is 0.67 a shot.

Diesel is $1.67 a litre (beer and wine are both much cheaper). 

My haircut was $6.75, Connie's about $27.

Laundry was $10.50 wash and dry for a large load.  Machines are Miele and take a while so you need to add a few bucks for wine at the adjacent bar while waiting for the machines to finish.

Bar and Restaurant

In the marina bar a big glass of cerveza is 1; a small glass of Coke is 1.20.   
Make that $1.35 for the beer, $1.60 for the Coke.  
At the same bar a large glass of vinho is €2 or $2.70 CDN.

A plate of sardines, not recommended by the Curmudgeon who spent one entire evening trying to purge his system of these greasy bony little devils is $6.75.  It turns out beer is a wonderful aid to purging sardines.  Lucky it is so cheap.

An enormous tuna steak caught that day and then overcooked just the way the Curmudgeon likes it is $14.50. The Budget Committee's near raw tuna was the same price.

A Great Burger and Fries are $6.50


Prices in the Azores are very reasonable and often lower than in North America.  For example (for the metrically challenged 1 kilo is about 2.2 lbs., all  dollars are Canadian which are about $1.05 US):

Big juicy oranges: $1.07 a kilo

Very lean hamburger (the Budget Committee needed to use oil to fry it): $6.75 a kilo

Boneless skinless chicken: $6.75 a kilo

Eggs: $2.27 a doz

Fabulous local sausage: $15.37 a kilo
Pepperoni: $13.50 a kilo.

pork cutlets: $8.75 a kilo

Fresh crusty bread: $2  a loaf; 

Portuguese buns, fresh daily: $2.40 a dozen but you only buy three or four cause you buy them every day.

Decent wine red, white or verde: 

Sangria: $1.60 a litre
Blanco: $0.93 a litre
Verde: $2.66 a litre

Beer sold in 25 centilitre bottles (about 8n oz) is $0.67 if you buy at the grocery.

Laughing all the way to the bank.  

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