Friday, July 1, 2011

Farewell to the Wonderful Week of Brisket

2011 07 01

35 00N
048 05W

Ladies and Gentlemen, passengers and crew of the majestic ocean going pleasure ship, Meredith: I know you will all join me in a sad farewell to end our latest culinary hit aboard Meredith: The Wonderful World of Brisket!

Sorry to say folks but Cook has informed me that the entire seven pound brisket has been devoured. No more brisket sandwiches, brisket with cheese sandwiches, brisket with mustard sandwiches or brisket with horseradish sandwiches.

Stricken from the menu are brisket omelettes, potato soup with brisket bits, potato salad with brisket crisps and good old brisket and potatoes.

Alas you will no longer be privy to what has been a house hit salad de maison avec julienne of brisket.

However do not be glum. In keeping with our tradition to offer passengers and crew only the best in ocean going culinary experiences Cook informs me she has opened a new ten pound wheel of cheddar! Cook also tells me she has been able to get most of the green off the sides of the cheddar this time so let's hear no more of that negativism.

Welcome to the Wonderful Week of Cheddar! To kick off our new series of taste experiences Cook tells me she has prepared a feast for all:

Appetizer: cheese and crackers. Except of course as you all know only the first six lucky diners will actually receive crackers as they were all eaten last week, everyone else will be served elegant cheese cubes. Our supply of tooth picks remains high so no one will have to share germs.

side dish: potatoes au gratin. Except of course this mornings potatoe skin stir fry scramble saw the last of anything on this boat even related to a potatoe so you will receive a ladle of smooth creamy cheese sauce.

main course: cheese omelette. Except of course we have only one egg remaining in stores so it will be just some onions and some cheese sort of mixed together and fried.

You know what would go really nice with that omelette scramble: some brisket!

What? Oh. Right. Never mind.

Cook says if you don't eat the cheese this week will be renamed the Fabulous Fortnight of Cheese. So Bon Appetit!

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