Monday, July 25, 2011

You Don't Have to Believe Me, But....

2011 07 25

People are rightly concerned that Canadian (or Americans) cruisers can only stay in the Schengen Zone countries for ninety days of every six months. Several people have written in the short interval since the post to inform me that I am incorrect and that, for example, a Canadian gets 90 days in every country. 

Not so my friends.  Sadly, wishin' ain't gettin' folks.

A Canadian or an American is only permitted a ninety day stay in the entire Schengen Zone every six months.  It does not matter how many countries you visit.  It does not matter if you exit and re enter the Schengen zone.

From the first date stamp on your passport in any Schengen zone Country the clock is ticking.  Visit as many countries as you wish but for the six months after that date stamp you may only spend ninety days in the Schengen Zone.

Penalties are fines and, worse, denial of entry when you try to return to your boat.

There is no point accusing the messenger of being wrong.  That would be a truly significant event.

Canadians have no basis for arguing with Schengen Zone officials.  Our own government went much further and imposed a unilateral visa requirement on citizens of the Czech Republic, one of the Schengen Zone countries.  That was not well received, nor should it have been. 

It seems the parochial, short sighted and all powerful dark lord and master who runs official Canada with all the foresight and imagination of an economist sees no reason why any Canadian should ever leave the country.  If you want to see something visit the tar sands.  Now we're talking.

Here is some reference material for people who wish to verify that I am sane and comprehending.

1. EU Council Resolution
2. EU Website Discussion of Resolution
3. Foreign Affairs Canada Discussion of Visiting Schengen Zone Countries
4. Rod Heikell's Discussion of Non EU citizens visiting Schengen Zone Countries
5. Noonsite's  Discussion of Non EU citizens visiting Schengen Zone Countries.
6. NoonSite Email Discourse on How You Get Caught Overstaying a Schengen Zone Visa

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