Sunday, September 14, 2008

A New Concept in Outboards - One that Works

So What Do You Think? Is Bob happy with the new outboard?

We spent today, Sunday, setting up our brand new Walker Bay Genesis dinghy and Tohatsu 4 stroke outboard.

Having wrestled with the old Mercury for so long we had trouble adjusting to an engine that started just because you pulled the start cord. I mean what about cleaning the jets and resetting the carburettor and .... you know all that stuff we had to do with the Mercury.

Connie liked it because we got to do the grocery shopping. The local Price Chopper grocery keeps a dinghy dock on the Hudson River at the back of its store. We just dinghied over, Connie did a major food shop and we drove it home. Just like suburbia.

Bob was happy to take her.

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