Monday, September 29, 2008

Great Kills


Another pleasant day in Great Kills Mooring Field.

Meredith is a guest of the RCYC, which down here is the acronym for the Richmond County Yacht Club, not to be confused with that "drinking club with a bit of a sailing problem" back in Toronto.

We were quick off the early launch with 35 lbs of laundry - 2 weeks worth - and a purpose. Well the club house was full of people who were not Bob and Connie. The sheer novelty of speaking to someone with whom we had not shared a boat for the last 8 days caused a delay in implementation of the Purpose.

Finally we headed off in search of a Laundromat. Connie did her thing and while the laundromat equipment worked we took breakfast at "Andrews Diner", a very Russian sort of place for such an English name. On the way back to the Yacht Club we stopped for groceries at "Nova", a Russian Deli. This place was so Russian I could not read any of the labels. Most of the staff did not speak English. I presume they spoke Russian.

Another couple of hours at the Clubhouse with Benoit and Andree (who corrected my misspelling of her name) and Bill the Diesel Guy from Sitatanga and we ran into Mike and Judy on Sea Sharp out of Fredericton NB. After a couple of drinks they offered dinner and we were not slow to accept.

Here you see the Judy and Mike conferring with the Budget Committee.

Judy can cook like nobody else. Mike, like Benoit, is a gadget freak and we get along very well. He is using an Amazon "Kimble"to download books whereever he is. The display is paper white with well formed black letters - not a backlit lcd screen. This is an astonishing device and I want one.

Now how to approach the budget committee?

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