Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who is Buried in Grant's Tomb?

Of course, no one is buried in Grant's Tomb. US Grant is entombed there.

Grant's Tomb is adjacent the 79th Street Boat Basin and this picture was too easy not to take. Sorry for the old chestnut.

New York is a great city. Now that we have figured out the Subway system and which is uptown and which down things have gone very smoothly.

Strictly for Boaters:

From our mooring at the Boat Basin ($30 per night) we were 2 blocks from the subway, 4 from Central Park. The basin can be a touch bumpy from ferry wakes and is purely unpleasant if the wind is strong and against the prevailing tides.

Groceries are easy to get: Fairway Market is on Broadway at W72nd and Zabar's (Connie's Favourite) is at Broadway and W80th. The mooring field has 50 mooring balls and some, like ours, are a fair dinghy from boat to office.

We love New York but we have overdone it. Time to go.

When the fog lifts we will head to Great Kills Harbour Staten Island where Benoit and Andre are moored with a bunch of other Canadians waiting a weather window to shoot the New Jersey Coast. Benoit and Andre are aboard Douce Folie V. We were very happy to get a phone call from them last evening with an updated position. Especially since they are only 10 miles away! We look forward to joining them in Great Kills.

Having had a difficult passage on our first run down New Jersey we are taking great care to have nothing but the best weather for this attempt. Great Kills brings us 2 or 3 hours closer to the Atlantic. It is a much more protected harbour than anchoring at Sandy Hook and is almost as close. We have friends who nearly lost their boat at Sandy Hook.

This was a very successful trip to New York, made more so by the companionship of Donna and her Sherpa Guide Randy. Bar Hopping in the Village and Circumnavigating Manhattan were high points of this visit. Here is a bit of the Sherpa sequence just for fun.


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