Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nascar Bus Drivers

Nascar Bus Drivers - Meet Troy's Fred

We filled in a rainy Saturday by taking the local bus system to the West Marine store. This required two busses: the Waterford to Troy and the Troy to Crossgate. Each bus cost a buck each way. If a buck a trip is too much you can buy a day pass for $3. This will take you from Waterford all the way to Albany if you want.

Our driver on the Waterford bus
was Fred, one cool dude. His bus had two speeds: dead stop and full ahead.

Never have we careened through any city's streets like we did with Fred. Approaching a big power shovel working on the roadway we cringed when the shovel turned and its large, steel plated aft section moved into the.

Fred hit the horn and slalomed. Man can this guy drive that bus.

He was so good that on the way home we let one bus to Waterford pass us by just so we could ride with Fred and get this picture. Hats off to Fred (if his exhaust does not blow them off first)

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