Sunday, September 14, 2008

Attack of the 42's

Here we see Gord and Lorrie enjoying the shade of their new Hunter 42, Mystic.

These two moved onto the Hunter 3 years ago and have built a secure well outfitted vessel which lives like a lovely home.

This pair takes great pride in demoing the many modifications and upgrades they have made to their home and are very open about the successes and failures of the outfitting process. We spent a great afternoon in the hot sun. (Mystic has reverse cycle air conditioning powered by a 6 hp Fischer Panda generator).

For the budget minded traveller in the 42 foot class (now there is a contradiction in terms a BUDGET class 42 footer) we think of Terry and Cindy on Freyja. Boarding Freyja for the first time in May of this year this pair has made it all the way from Duluth Wisconsin. They rebuilt the ship enroute. Somehow they are still together. Mind you Cindy was pretty aggressive with that pumpout hose she is holding. Terry is retired USN and among other things trained as a nuclear propulsion technician for submarines. Freyja rarely has to turn on their anchor light: Terry just sits in the cockpit and glows.

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