Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Quick Primer on Hazards to Navigation - Jekyll Island to St. Marys GA

We rode past this little critter on bikes. He had just had a drink out of the ditch and turned and hissed at us. He foamed at the mouth.

1. Big Ugly Shrimp Boats Bearing Down on You with Their Spider Arms Out to Catch Your Mast:
Majestic Shrimper or Malevolent Pinhead

No Matter What Course I steered to avoid collision this Knight of the Sea changed course to match - but his was a collision course. He only stopped when Connie stood full on the bow with her camera taking pictures. Lucky He did not know we have really poor telescopic lens on this camera. We should have listened to Randy.

2. Attention Grabbing Mistakes:

This was Once a Sailboat and is now a Landmark

Try sailing past this without loosing your concentration. The entire vessel is being consumed in the bottom muck leaving only the mast above water. And this was high tide.

3. Unusual Channel Markers

Is This a Derelict Boat or a Channel Marker - It is Really Effective as Either Let Me Tell You

This former vessel marks the North edge of the St. Marys River just past St. Marys. Very effective Notice to Mariners Let Me Tell You.

4. Leaving Old Friends

Benoit and Andree with Connie on the Waterfront in Savannah

We have been travelling loosely with Benoit and Andree on their vessel Douce Folie V. They have become very good friends. Our arrangement, "No contract" as Ben says has been a loose arrangement to share food drinks and problems. They are proceeding on from Jekyll Island while we are compelled to leaving our boat nearby to return home earlier than planned. We will miss them until we next encounter Douce Folie V in Bahamas.

And that is all for this post.

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