Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Olympic Sport for Whistler, Signs We Have Arrived

To quote MC Hammer: "Can't Touch This".

Dolphins off the stern of Merdith, a smile on the crew.

While the photo is lacking sighting a Pelican also produces gleeful laughter aboard our boat.

We propose a new sport for the winter olympics: Sailing the ICW, or Polar Sailing as we have come to know it.

The first entrants will be the crews of:

Chanceux out of New Bern, NC:

Ronin out of Newark, NJ:

and of course, Meredith, out of Bayfield, ON:

All photos taken November 10, 2008 entering Carolina Beach NC anchorage.

The unrelenting pace and unyielding cold are taking their toll on moods and other psychological resources. Blogs will be fewer and terser (perhaps thankfully I hear someone say?) for the next while.

Those of you who are back in Ontario: we will be back early in December to renew friendships and catch up on all the gossip. If it is any good you may see it here so try hard. You still have two weeks.

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