Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Bottom is Soft, the Eggs are Medium But We Have Propane

Meredith At Anchor in Factory Creek, Beaufort, SC

Meredith is waiting out some forecast unpleasantness in the heavens here in Beaufort. If we are lucky friends in Douce Folie V will be able to join us in a couple of days. We look forward to human contact having been restricted to the 38 feet of Meredith nonstop for 9 days.

Last night was the corker. Factory Creek is a great anchorage but is a bit narrow. The tidal range is 10 feet so there is a strong current which keeps all boats anchored in a nice line pointing upriver in the outflowing tide and downriver in the incoming. However for the hour or so surrounding slack tide a boat at anchor is at the mercy of the wind. Last night at 11 p.m. the winds were blowing 20 knts and pushed Meredith to within 6 feet of some ugly pylons.

The Budget Committee had been restless and uneasy all night with the wind. She caught the problem early. We roused out of bed, donned the necessaries and reset the anchor in total darkness. Before we were done we had run aground trying to get the anchor as close to the far shore as possible.

All in a night's work.

One of the good things about Beaufort is the local shopping mall which we like for two very good reasons:
The Really Kule parking lot is one of them, and the other is Bill:

One half of Bill's store is devoted to beer and only beer. There is not a microbrew bottled in the 50 states that does not sit on Bill's shelf. All of them are fresh and Bill can comment on each one from personal experience. Marvellous store. Nice guy.

Connie is happy only because I will now shut up about our empty propane tanks. We emptied the first in Annapolis and were left with only a partial tank as backup. There are very few places that fill propane tanks any longer and those that do are miles from any marina.

Gray's Hardware in the mall does fill propane and we filled the empty. Returning to Meredith we checked the other tank to find it totally empty. It was so low I figure when we heated our water for tea this morning bwe were burning the gas left in the line.

What About Those Eggs?

For a year now we have teased our friend Randy Chamberlain about his standard breakfast order of "Eggs Over Medium". Sometimes we go to breakfast just to hear him place the order and then explain what he means (white hard, yolk hard on the outside but a little fluid on the inside).

Well at the Huddle House, located on the way to the mall from the dinghy dock:

We ordered our standard breakfast: "Eggs Over Easy". The waitress left the table and returned a few minutes later to ask "When you say Over Easy you mean with the whites cooked and yolk runny, right?"

We agreed.

"Well then, honey, you mean to order them eggs Over Medium or you are going to get runny whites"

We agreed.

So Randy the phrasing of your breakfast order is legitimatimized. However even here if you order eggs over medium you get runny yolks. May you mean "Eggs Over Easy Plus" or "Eggs Hard Light".

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