Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stuck in New Bern, NC

Well, the last 5 days have been relaxing if nothing else.

Things grew pretty dull after the near alligator sighting on the Alligator Pongo Canal. So we motored for the day and pulled in somewheres when it looked like dark was approaching.

When we went to bed there were two of us anchored. When we woke up there were 8.

We left.

Nothing I hate more than neighbours. Unless they are good neighbours. Never happens.

On the way we hit Pamlico Sound and got it out of the way. We passed Oriental, NC which everyone raves about and which has always left us cold. Uninteresting place with no services other than a good hardware store. We found a better one.

Anticipating a stretch of bad weather we pulled Meredith into a nice little marina in New Bern, NC.

The Sheraton hotel here maintains a marina with full hotel privileges and at very reasonable rates. Weather being forecast at 25 knots, rain for three days and nasties all over we decided to try the marina.

Glad we did.

I took advantage of the time to install the autopilot. Well, it is not really installed yet despite 3 days of hard labour in the bilge. We are close though.

While I was working the bilge the Budget Committee took care of everything else. She washed the decks, glued the floor, touched up some of the toerail, vaccuumed the salon and beat the carpets, polished the stainless cleaned the toilet and went for propane refill.

Every hour or so my head would pop out of the bilge and if the work was still going on my head would pull right back into the bilge. No fool me.

Wind is down tonight (thursday) so we will sea trial the autopilot tomorrow, do the groceries and head out early on Saturday.

We are running for Florida so we can leave the boat and return for Christmas. Yeee Hah!


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